School bag Production 

   The company has a wide range of school products to offer such as school bags, pencil cases and boot bags in different size, colors and designs. 

Our school bags are carefully designed to make sure they are light in weight, ergonomically shaped and comfort in every day wear. Reflective elements and safety tracks ensure that children are well visible even at night. Only high quality and waterproof materials are being used.




Sport bags Production 

   The company also manufactures a wide range of other textile products such as sport bags of any kind. We have been working for more then 10 years with international sport companies such as Kukri Ltd. producing various types of sport bags everything from simple rucksacks, gym bags to more complex pieces. Our years of expertise and core competencies allow us to provide an excellent basis for a long-term cooperation. The growing sales figures each year prove the fact that our partners and their customers are satisfied with us.

   Our available stock of raw materials and accessories is an added value that minimizes the problem of dependency on other suppliers. Also, the company may be further characterized by flexibility in receiving orders and managing delivery processes.