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Lightweight, strong and customized to height

“Customize-me” weighs only 1100 g and made of high quality, strong and waterproof materials.

 Its “customize me” feature allows the user to adjust the bag to specific heights optimizing load distribution.


Reinforcements on all sides and a strong bottom part enhance stability and durability. The bottom part has some additional functions as well: it ensures the bag stays in the same position and prevents it from getting dirty.

Extra features

The cover features two separate handles, each designed for a different purpose: a rubber handle serving a safe and comfortable grip in children’s little hands, and another one which is used to hang the bag in a locker or a wall hanger.

Spacious inner compartments

It features smartly divided compartments that help children organize their school supplies. Textbooks and notebooks of all sizes fit perfectly. This bag has an expandable front pocket that gives additional room for storing. Water bottle can be easily packed in side pockets (up to 0.7 L).


Ergonomic shape and breathable back padding make sure that the pressure on children’s back is minimized. Shoulder straps are also well cushioned and adjustable, so comfortable everyday wear is ensured.

Recommended by Doctors and Specialists!

Belmil school bags are orthopedically and anatomically excellent!” by Prof. Dr. Mészáros Tamás from the Orthopedic Department of Szeged University, Hungary. (More information on the Website)


With Belmil school bag safety is guaranteed even if it gets too dark: carefully placed reflective tapes on all sides, a strong and an easy-to-use metal lock with reflective feature ensure high visibility at night.

Recommended age: 6-10

Size: 37 x 31 x 17 cm

Weight: 1100 g

Materials: Polyester

2 years guarantee

Extra: Belmil Timetable

Produced in Serbia, Europe